Notation based on the Fund Settlement Act

Prepaid payment item name

 NFT passes

Business operator

 Aquariumy Studio Inc.


 2-14-2, Motoyokoyama-cho, Hachioji-shi, Tokyo, Japan




 If purchased through in-app purchase for iPhone/iPad, it can only be used in the iPhone/iPad app.
 If purchased outside of in-app purchase for iPhone/iPad, it cannot be used in the iPhone/iPad app.
 Paid item will be consumed first (Free item will be consumed after paid portion is exhausted).
 You cannot use them during the maintenance, system failure or emergency.

Payable amount, etc

 You can have up to 99,999,999.

Expiration date

 They will expire after 180 days from the date of provision.

Range of places of use

 You can use them in this game of "harbor bcg".

How to check unused balance

 The number of paid item holdings is displayed on the screen at the time of purchase.

Terms of service

 Terms of service

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